FirePASS Fire Prevention System

Prevent the fire before it even begins. FirePASS is a revolutionary fire prevention technology that is designed to prevent fire from occurring by reducing and maintaining oxygen at non-combustible levels. Oxygen-reduced (hypoxic) air is produced by partly filtering out oxygen from ambient atmospheric air. At 15% oxygen, a fire cannot start and common flammable solid materials and liquids cannot be ignited. Furthermore, the oxygen-reduced environment slows oxidation and is perfect for preservation of irreplaceable items such as archived documents, artworks, museum exhibits and rare artefacts.

Safe for people and for the environment, FirePASS produces and uses breathable air for fire prevention with no chemicals or gases involved. Used in data centers, server rooms, electrical switch rooms, warehouses, museums, archives, and more, FirePASS prevents fire pro-actively, eliminating damage and business interruption that occurs when suppressing a fire after it has already started.